Words on the Hill

Why was the seven-year-old son of Hugh O’Neill arrested? Where was the castle moat and what was in it? Who used the tunnels on the Hill?

Join the acclaimed writer and storyteller Liz Weir in creative writing workshops and explore historical and mysterious facts from Hill of The O’Neill – then transform them into poetry!

Learning Outcomes

Pupils will begin to understand the history associated with Hill of The O’Neill:

  • By engaging with historical facts relating to the Flight of the Earls and Plantation of Ulster through a guided tour of the permanent exhibition and Hill of The O’Neill
  • Taking part in a writing workshop with the writer and storyteller Liz Weir
  • Writing poems based on the history and heritage of Hill of The O’Neill.

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When does the course start?

Words on the Hill runs for one week in late September/early October and one week in February. There is one 2½ hour session each day beginning at 10.00am. The activity is suitable for Key Stages 2/3 pupils.

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