The focal point of your visit to Hill of The O’Neill is the permanent exhibition located in Ranfurly House. This tells the story of the Flight of The Earls and the Plantation of Ulster, and the important role that Dungannon played in these two historical events that would forever change these islands.

This moment marked the transition from the old Gaelic world into the modern Ireland of today.

As you stroll through the exhibition you’ll see portraits of the key players, maps, costumes and archive accounts of their many battles. You’ll also get an insight into their daily lives, with inventories of the riches of the chieftains, their vast lands and finery.

You’ll learn what a gallowglass was, what was special about a moiled cow and what the number of cattle you owned said about you.

And you’ll hear the sad tale of Hugh O’Neill’s youngest child, Conn. Left behind in the hurried confusion of the Flight of the Earls, he was later found by an English aristocrat, Sir Toby Caulfield, who kept him prisoner in Charlemont Fort – before sending him to Eton School in Windsor, until he was old enough to be taken to the Tower of London, where he perished.

This is just one of the eye-opening tales your guide will share with you as you move through the tour.

The exhibition vividly evokes the life of Irish chieftain in the 16th century, in its extravagant fashions, fighting and feasting.

You’ll find out about the Plantation of Ulster, what it was, who the Planters were and the difficulties they faced. You’ll also discover how Ulster, administered from Dungannon by Sir Arthur Chichester, was changed forever, moving away from the ancient Gaelic laws and beliefs.

It’s a gripping story that once heard, will never be forgotten.

From the indoor exhibition, you’ll make your way to the next stage of your visit – on to the famous Hill itself!