Hill of The O’Neill

Stand on top of Hill of The O’Neill and you’re on one of the most important sites in Ireland, with breathtaking panoramic views over seven of the nine counties of Ulster.

You can clearly see the domed drumlins of Tyrone, gleaming Lough Neagh, the Sperrin Mountains and the Mournes, and onwards as far as the counties of Cavan and Monaghan, part of the province of Ulster in O’Neill’s times.

Want to see even more? You can. Ascend our Viewing Tower to the glass-walled gallery at the top. This scene is what Hugh O’Neill himself would have savoured from the battlements of his fortified tower house – one last panoramic sight over his lands before he left Ireland for the last time in 1607 in the Flight of the Earls.

And so you are very much standing in the footsteps of history here.

Then, holding that thought, join us next door in Ranfurly House, where the whole story of this remarkable place is waiting to be told in our multi-media exhibition.