A Victorian Christmas in Ranfurly House

Ranfurly House, built in 1854, is the ideal location to celebrate the festive season and to learn about the traditions, games and artwork of the Victorian Christmas.

Pupils can participate in Victorian Christmas Customs, create Victorian Christmas Art, and play with and learn about Old Time Toys. Classes can participate in the following activities:

Learning Outcomes 

During Old Time Toys, pupils will:

  • Be introduced to the concept of toys at Christmas
  • Learn about toys from the Victorian era
  • Play with indoor and outdoor toys
  • Find out what the toys are made from

During Victorian Christmas Art, pupils will:

  • Be taught how to make Victorian-themed Christmas decorations
  • Be guided and assisted by an artist and centre staff
  • Create Christmas cornucopias and doves that they can take home.

During Victorian Christmas Customs, pupils will:

  • Take part in a living history presentation, set in 1890 and led by Mrs. Smith, the housekeeper of Northland House, Dungannon.
  • Learn about the traditions of the Victorian Christmas, finding out how these customs originated.
  • Participate in Victorian parlour games, ask questions and make comments.

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When does the course start?

The Victorian Christmas in Ranfurly House programme takes place in late November/early December. Victorian Christmas Customs and Old Time Toys each run for two one hour sessions per day. Victorian Christmas Art runs for two 1½ sessions each day.

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