Plantation of Ulster Study Visits: Year 9

As part of the Year 9 study of the Plantation of Ulster, pupils can pay a class visit to our permanent exhibition on the Flight of the Earls and Plantation of Ulster, take a guided tour of Hill of The O’Neill and learn how Dungannon was affected by these important historical events.

The students are provided with specially created resource booklets and are taken on a guided tour of this exhibition. They are then escorted to the Hill of The O’Neill where they find out about the significance of the site that was the medieval capital of Ulster.

When does the course start?

Plantation of Ulster Study Visits runs all year round and is suitable for year 9 pupils.

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Year 9 pupils will:

  • Engage with a heritage site that played a pivotal role in the Plantation of Ulster
  • Examine an exhibition dedicated to the Flight of the Earls and Plantation of Ulster
  • Be provided with resource booklets to enable engagement with the exhibition

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