The Workhouse: A World Book Day Event

The Irish Famine of the mid-nineteenth century was a turning point in Irish history. This tragic event is regarded as one of the greatest social disasters of 19th century Europe.

Between 1845 and 1850, when blight devastated the potato crop, in excess of two million people either died or emigrated. Dungannon was affected during the famine years, and our heritage education programme, The Workhouse, is an endeavour to aid children’s understanding of this period in our history.

The best-selling children’s novel, “Under the Hawthorn Tree” by Marita Conlon McKenna, is a stimulus for our activities, which are produced in collaboration with Dungannon Library, and which mark World Book Day.

When does the course start?

This activity takes place during the two weeks closest to World Book Day (first Thursday in March) and it is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. Each session starts at 10.00am and last for two hours.

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Key Stage 2 pupils will:

  • Carry out an investigation into the history of Dungannon Workhouse in Dungannon Library
  • Take part in living history in Ranfurly House in which they will be admitted to the workhouse
  • After the living history presentation, participate in a discussion when they will report on what they have learned and experienced

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